Trouble logging in?

SFMLab now uses Open3DLab Network accounts. (SmutBase and Open3DLab accounts) If you do not already have one, please sign up through this link. Once your new Open3DLab Network account has been created, please log in and take a moment to link your old SFMLab account to your newly created account.

Sign In

Log in with your Open3DLab Network account. Sites part of the Open3DLab Network include Open3DLab, SmutBase and SFMLab.


If you are having trouble logging in, keep the following things in mind:

  • Your username is case sensitive.
  • Your password is case sensitive.
  • Since March 2020, SFMLab uses Open3DLab network credentials.
    • Your old SFMLab credentials won't work.
    • Use your Open3DLab network account instead (an account used to log in to Smutbase or Open3DLab)
    • If you do not have an Open3DLab Network account, you can create one on this page.
    • You can connect your account and reclaim your uploads/comments under "Settings" -> "Restore SFMLab Account"

Some other considerations:

  • Your IP address is logged.
  • Account sharing is prohibited.
  • The use of disposable email addresses is prohibited.
  • Creating multiple accounts is prohibited.
  • By logging in and enabling furry or NSFW content preferences on your account, you agree that you are:
    • of legal age in your country of residence
    • it is legal for you to access NSFW and/or Furry content
    • you are ok with seeing such materials