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Dying Light Characters


Characters from Dying Light

Kyle Crane, Jade Aldemir, Rahim Aldemir, Dr. Zere


  • Facial animation
  • Bodygroups
  • Compatible with rig_biped_simple
  • Include L4D2 anims (need l4d2 content)

Models and Textures - Techland

Porting and Rigging by Me ( Takashi Komuro aka =EX-Mo= )



:ainsley2: Something will be definitely be freerunning from Jade's mouth

GarbageFactory posted 4 years ago


Sweet! I really hope you are planning to add some of the infected too to complete these models. :) Thanks so much for these!

cfowler7 posted 4 years ago


What're the odds we'll see more, like Rais or Breken? Also, any chance for weapons (Korek Machete)?

akula417a1 posted 4 years ago

J-J-Jade....? I waited......I waited soooo looong ;-; <3

MisterSixx posted 4 years ago

Will there be an upload of zombie jade and other female zombie models?

krim1 posted 4 years ago


No no no. Only these models. It's all.

EX-Mo posted 4 years ago

Now these are completely stolen from L4D2

saaaaaaaaasas posted 3 years, 11 months ago

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