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Samus Aran 2016 (Sarah Bryant Look-alike) [Beta 1]

Warning: BETA content

This file is marked as "BETA" which means that the contents might be unfinished, outdated or incompatible with the most recent version of Source Filmmaker.

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Well, this took me a lot longer than I wanted it to, but she's finally ready for a formal release. If you've been following me on Tumblr, then you probably know that I've been developing this model for over a week now, getting her all geared and ready for my Hiveship short film.

I want to make one thing abundantly clear: This is a populist idealization of Samus Aran, which is to say that I looked around at how most porn artists draw Samus, and drew from that. Most artists give her big tits and a big butt, and so that is what I did here.

I DO have plans to build a more canon Samus Aran, but it will be a while before I get around to it. When I do, this release will be updated with her.

Without further adieu, let's get to features, notes, known bugs, credits, and plans for the future.


  • Full eye-, finger-, toe-, and face-posing
  • Refined phonemes for phoneme extraction / automatic lip-sync, tuned specifically for Samus.
  • Three outfits: Zero Suit, bikini, tramp ; all with various states of exposure
  • Bodymorph support: breast and butt sliders, belly bulges, and pregnant flex
  • Prototype pussy/anus mesh
  • Skins to control eye-color (green, blue), makeup (none, natural, thick, runny 1, runny 2, runny 3), headset state (on, off; not pictured)
  • Includes props for her gun and holster
  • Glow map on the Zero Suit for her symbols (EG they glow in the dark)


  • She uses various "fit" flexes to compensate for clipping with her outfit when bending. This is far from ideal, and I tried to avoid it, but the Zero Suit geometry is just not conducive to cooperating with the Daz mesh. I knew this going into the model, because I had similar problems with the old Samus I built on UNP, but it doesn't make me happy.
  • Her hair is a separate model, see below videos for how to attach
  • If you want to use body flexes on her, you will need to spawn and attach a separate outfit to her nude body. This includes the throat flexes!
  • Her bikini and tramp outfits do not yet support bodymorph flexes.
  • Her genital flexes are set to 200%, meaning that past moving the slider halfway, they're a bit wonky in their motion. This was done intentionally because the next short video I intend to do with her involves her taking some huge cocks, and of course Hiveship will involve plenty of large tentacles sharing her holes.
  • How to attach hair
  • How to attach outfits
  • How to fix butt & breast clipping

Known issues:

  • There is still microclipping at more extreme angles. I've agonized over fixing these issues, but decided she's good enough for a release now, and I can come back to fixing these later.
  • Her clavicles are particularly nefarious, and are the biggest agents of clipping. Take care when rotating them.
  • Her pussy and anus are technically broken, though in practice, it is by and large negligible. There is a small box near her urethra that does not move with the flexes, and there is a ring inside her anal cavity that splits when her anus is opened. These can be worked around in most cases, and when she has something stuffed in either hole, the problems shouldn't be noticeable.
  • Her hair is a clippy cunty piece of shit. This is why I add bones to allow you to nudge the jigglebones without baking them. I highly recommend you use them.
  • Her genital flexes cause some nasty folding issues, but I just don't really know how to resolve them.
  • The bodymorph flexes are not guaranteed to work flawlessly. Chances are there will be clipping and rigging oddities, especially with outfits attached. You can try to mitigate these by pulling the bones on the separately-attached outfit around.
  • The bikini and tramp outfits have not been debugged, so expect them to clip like no tomorrow.


  • 1kmspaint for the 4k up-rezzing and cleaning of the Zero Suit textures
  • noooope for the makeup skins
  • LtC for the headset (not pictured)
  • Slendistry, Kushishekku, MissSonicBoom & Whorus for stress-testing her and causing me about four 10-hour days' worth of stress in trying to fix all the bugs they found, of which I only managed to squash only about 90% of them.
  • Ordagon for stitching together and building the flexes for the prototype genital mesh
  • Team Ninja for Sarah Bryant, whose face and hair is used for the model; and for the bikini and tramp outfits
  • Nintendo for the creation of Samus Aran; Metroid; and Other M, from which the Zero Suit was taken
  • Daz Studios for the awesome Genesis 3 female body, and allowing it to be used freely, and amking it easy to export models out of Daz studio.
  • LordAardvark for morphing the Daz body; stitching the head and body together; rerigging the body; texture blending; fitting the Zero Suit, bikini, and tramp outfits; vectorizing the Zero Suit symbols; building the normals, speculars, and glowmaps for the Zero Suit; rewrapping Sarah's head to make it asymmetric to support the makeup and beauty mark; building the faceposing, phonemes, fit morphs, bodymorphs, IK script, and various 3dsmax tools used to put this model together

Plans for the future:

  • Fix the bikini and tramp outfits clipping issues
  • Add bodymorph support for the bikini and tramp outfits
  • Try to fix more clipping problems
  • Build canon version of Samus
  • Introduce alternate hair mesh, being hand-sculpted by someone whom will remain anonymous for now, modelled after the Super Smash Bros 4 Samus hair
  • Power suit bodygroups and/or separate port??
  • Ship interior and exterior props??
  • Include a pack of sexy sounds (grunts, moans, squeals, gags, etc) recorded by Pawsywasy, the voice actress I am working with for my Samus videos, for others to use??

Interested in the model source? Click here for the model file source. Textures not included.



Thank you for make this model! Recently I study SFM for this model, and i very satisfied it just good, and i like this model. again, Thank you for make this model!

NokiaSeP posted 4 months, 1 week ago

can i get this for blender

bossman123 posted 1 week, 3 days ago

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