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[WoW] Icecrown Throne (Arthas)


Note: I will end the 'BETA Phase' because I don't wanna work on it in anyway.

♥ Features

♠ Fully working model: Spawn it, re-scale it, customize it with overrides.
♠ A custom skin (1) with eyes turned on. *(You can create your own custom skin, just modify this one)*
♠ Normal maps, so it will not appear as a 'flat texture' and probably works properly with any Lights.
♠ A Badass throne for important people. Mostly for you.

♥ To re-scale the model (Just if you don't know about it)

♠ Create Animation set for new model.
♠ Select the Throne (this model ¬¬).
♠ Right click and then > Utilities > Add Scale Controls to model.
♠ Then, open up with (+) and navigate to Body > rootTransform_scale.
♠ Type in any value to test the scale, or just drag from the slide.

♥ Final note
If there's something that not work, don't forget to contact me via pm.



hey, thats my toilet!

Gygize posted 3 years, 4 months ago

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