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Dragon Age 2's Isabela


Isabela from Dragon Age 2.
This is a really old port I did a long time ago, and promptly left to die. I think I gave it a rinky-dink release somewhere once in the deep recesses of the Internet. I've had people ask me about it, and so here she gets a more formal release.
I have no interest in supporting this model, so anything beyond functionality issues (model doesn't spawn, missing textures, etc) I have no interest in hearing about and no interest in fixing. If anyone wants the source files for her, for whatever reason, I am pretty certain I still have them - feel free to ask me for them. I have no qualms with sharing them.


Confirmed, no any texture errors or something. Model working for me, thanks for uploading man. there's any nude version for her?

Symantec360 posted 4 years, 10 months ago

somone requested i port this to gmod. may i?

MidGerm posted 10 months ago

MidGerm i dont know how often Lordaardvark checks sfmlab but you can also get in touch with him through his tumblr

glossedsfm posted 10 months ago

we need more dragon age models imo. and a better model for isabela who has a better body for better nude scenes imo. otherwise ty isabela is a lovely lady

CptnGreatColor posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

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