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Shelly [Bombshell]


Shelly from Bombshell game
Polycount - 88696
Textures - 4K
Face posing - only bones
RIG - I'm sorry, I do not know how to do them.

Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/itemedittext/?id=740392606

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There is something wrong with this model

Oh, shit! Thank you!!!


D- for effort.


Love the model, shame that the bones are all messed up! I've tried to do a rig with the auto rigger, but it looks like there are issues with the spine, neck and arm bones. Will be wicked when fixed!


Blimey. I can see why you wouldn't want to rig that. Seven spine bones, three neck bones, nineteen bones per hand (which is the right number of handbones, but most models ignore the metacarpals in the fingers). Then I'm seeing an absolute mess of bones that'll need procedural animation.

Aside from the problems with the bone hierarchy, the autorigger just isn't going to handle that.

No promises, but I'll see if I can wrangle something together.


Test animation for a WIP fix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzQkG2-smgE

Thus far, I've largely sorted the default skeleton; All the bone parenting has been re-organised, some bone axes have been reoriented to aid in animation, and I've sorted a few issues with the weight paint.
Also, WIP jigglebones, because why not?

I've still got to sort some of the physics and it still needs a procedural rig (for automating the animation of the pistons and eyebones), an IK rig and probably an animation groups file to organise the massive number of non-standard bones on the model.

I'm not going to look at implementing sliders (at least for now). Although they're incredibly useful, that's going to be far more time consuming, I've got other things I should be doing first, and frankly the face bones on this model are a work of art*.

(*I haven't played the game, as I'm no great fan of that style of gameplay. But I was however impressed by the facial animation when I saw the trailers - and having now dissected the model, I can understand why. I don't think I've ever seen a game model with more comprehensive facial bones, right down to things like contracting/dilating the pupils.)


Excellent work Ragnarok, very good walk cycle imo as well


I can't take direct credit for the walk cycle. The basis of it is puppetted from LordAardvark's DAZ animations project (https://sfmlab.com/item/1416/), specifically the
the spbr_walk sequence, and then adjusted with an IK rig.

But, really, making it easier to puppet, rig and animate... that's more relevant at this stage than me taking time to cook up a new walk cycle.

On the progress list, I've hunted down a few issues with the weight paint (there were some tearing vertices), re-organised the body groups and I think I've broadly finalised all the jigglebones (including some new ones).
There's now a choice of manual or physics-enabled hair - I've given the latter helper bones around the neck that can be used to help fix any clipping with the shoulders, so it works reasonably well for jiggleboned hair of this length.

At this stage, I've got to work out why the .VRD file to enable helper bones in the arm won't compile, and build flex-sorting into the procedural rig so her massive number of bones (currently, 242) can be slightly better organised.
Which is separate so that things like the shoulder pistons and eye aiming don't need the IK attached to work. FK is better/necessary for some things).

Anyway, to show some of that progress, a new test scene export: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIv3YsixUjs


On the off-chance that anyone here is actually paying attention to this, I am still working on the re-rig; it's just taking a while between a couple of hiccups getting the assist bones to compile and my deciding to make some additional improvements to the model - I'm adding more assist bones to realistically animate some of the main muscle groups (properly flexing biceps/calves/etc), cleaning up some of the weight paint and I'm taking steps to compile a version of the model with a proper set of face flexes and, eventually, phoneme maps.

Again, no promises, but I'm hoping she'll be a pretty feature-complete model when done.


Still looking forward to the fixed model! :)

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