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The Witcher 3: Heart of Stone Character Pack


Olgierd von Everec, Iris von Everec, Gaunter O'Dimm and Eveline Gallo from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Heart of Stone expansion. There are two different models for Iris von Everec (veil and no veil) and two for Gaunter O'Dimm (human and demon). Iris model has two skins, Olgierd model has three. Various bodygroups for all models. Eyeposing and CDPR face bones for all models.

Iris and Olgierd von Everec are ported from MoogleOutfitters' xnalara models.

Iris and Olgierd von Everec are both two separate models that require Rezvin's autoload assemble script to work properly (skirts are seperate models to get around the bone limit in SFM). These two models use the 'rig_MOG_xnalara' script, O'Dimm uses the 'rig_witcher3_male_average' and Gallo uses 'rig_witcher3_female script.'

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Good job, Horsey!


I'm not content creator, but I'm really curious how the upload process for this website works, there's 4 items from 2 different people that look like they've been uploaded over the past two days but they're not showing up yet, just "404". yet this one just instantly shows up.

I haven't played the DLC for Witcher 3, but the elf girl is really cute. Thanks, man.


Love that you can still put the little fuckin' flower crown on demon Gaunter.


@Disgaea2 Users that have verified status can upload immediately.


@Disgaea2 I would assume, some content creators like Horsey and other Verified Users don't have to go through moderation because they've been trusted to not upload shit that won't break your computer or content that would go against the site rules. Usually you can't tell but I would assume Ganon's job plays into just how frequent he allows content from those that aren't verified to go through.


Great !

Are you planing to make nude versions of them? Especially of Olgierd and Iris?

Well, just saw you have an Iris nude version. But what is with Olgierd?


Great job sir. Although Olgierd's arms are a little strange. The elbow isnt working properly with the script, when you try to move it, it goes like this http://imgur.com/qacwHdm. Anyone know how to fix this? Thx =D

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