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DMX Self-Container / Packager [v2; Now has UI]


If you have ever tried to co-op a SFM project, then chances are you've ran into the problem of synchronizing assets: making sure everyone has all the right models, materials, sounds, and maps. The problem gets exacerbated when you use a single prop from a 5GB pack, or you use models that you had modified for your particular project.

This program alleviates that: simply drop a SFM project DMX onto the program, and it will automatically retrieve all of the relevant files, and copy them into a singular folder, ready for you to zip up with your program of choice. It will automatically resolve your multiple mod folders (usermod, and all other folders pointed to in your gameinfo.txt).


  1. Extract the DMX_Packager_UI.exe anywhere you like, bundled with DmxPackageLib.dll.


  1. Double-click the executable to launch the UI.
  2. Drag-and-drop gameinfo.txt onto the "Gameinfo.txt" text box, or press "Browse" to navigate to it. Note that you only need to do this once - it will save the path to gameinfo.txt for future uses.
  3. Drag-and-drop your project .DMX, map .BSP, or model .MDL onto the "Target" text box, or press "Browse", set your desired format, and navigate to it.
  4. Press "Package" when finished.


  1. All files you give the program (both gameinfo.txt and your dmx's) must be in your SFM folder. The program uses their directory paths to resolve absolute and local paths.
  2. Program is written in C#, and only tested on Windows 7 Home 64-bit edition. So you need to have whatever is needed for C# programs to work correctly for you.

If you find any bugs, please post them in the comments below so I can fix them.

Click here to download v1.1.0 source code.

Deprecated source codes below

Click here to download v2.0.0 (UI_v1.0.0) source code. You are free to do whatever you want with the source code, so long as you give credit where it's due.

Click here to download the legacy command-prompt (v1.0.1).

Click here to download v1.0.1 source code.

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This is for packaging content, not creating or porting it.

I wish there is a thing just like this that would help me do that


When I donwload the program, it says that it has virus


Then feel free to not use it.

I have the source code publicly available. If you want to, have a programmer friend vet and compile it for you, and use the version they compile.


Thanks for that. This seems like a very useful program. Not quite sure what it does. You said I can use modded characters alongside originals? So two characters by the same author and with the same name-but of different versions-could be used alongside together?


Is this not being worked on anymore? I heard it won't export overridden materials.


I haven't had a need to work on it, so I haven't worked on it.

I built this tool for myself, for my own projects. I just released it because why not.

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