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Chaos Pony

Furry Warning

This file is marked as furry/anthro content. Before downloading this file, you will be required to spend at least one minute on solemnly reconsidering your life's choices.


Warhammer 40K Chaos Marines ponified

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Yeah seems like there's some premium butthurt going around here.

Every day we stray further from god's light

Yes, EyeKhon, the jokes are something quite different from "You're fucking fags, I hope you die, you all should be skinned alive."


Only clearly disenfranchised and bitter wankers tell other people to die or some other form of disparaging "jokes". Anyone who uses that kind of "joke" should be emasculated and/or sterilized so they can never have children. Who's laughing now, assclowns?


nobody here told anybody else to die though

I admit, my post was kind of overreaction, but still I can't find anything even remotely funny in "love how the pony fags are all reporting the comments. fucking neckbeards". Maybe I just don't have a sense of humor after all...


well there WERE kind of reporting all the comments
for instance; my first comment, which was 'Heresy'.
it's a contextually sensitive joke not an insult to the fucking model or it's maker sooo


look the rabid fans are still doing it holy shit


get that shit out


"You're dumb and retarded, effeminate childish models are for losers who dream of finding a half human-half animal little girl with a horse dick to suck on it.

You freaks are beyond help, I can picture you: fat losers living in your mom's basement, with no real friends and no real life relationships for being so retarded and weird, with OCD tendencies and buthurt because normal people find you disgusting.

All buthurt and upset because people don't like the same childish-freaky things you like and spamming your shit everywhere you can out of frustration and despair.

Go put a dildo on your barbie and play with it psychos."

This should also be here ^^

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