SFM Enhanced Merasmus


Taken from my workshop post!

Enhanced Merasmus Reuploaded!

I only ported this model, original made by Maxxy and Coverop

Please comment below if there are any errors



Why does his face look black?

ShawaZawa posted 1 year ago


It's not. In that image, he is in his spectral mode thingy. There is two modes, normal marasmus and spectral marasmus.

stuffedbutter posted 1 year ago

Tried using this on Source Filmmaker and for some reason, I can't see the model, just the bones... Is there like a specific way on installing models outside workshop?

Brotherhood_of_Nod posted 1 year ago


... Use this model to avoid using the workshop...

stuffedbutter posted 1 year ago


I'll upload a version of the model tonight which will let you see the Merasmus model. There was a problem with model directories and all that kinda shit lol

stuffedbutter posted 1 year ago


If you wanna know how to install the model, do this: Locate your sfm directory Then drag the "models" and "materials" folder into your usermod directory.

stuffedbutter posted 1 year ago

I am a bit confused, do I need to put all the files from the zip file in the models and materials folder? All those SMD names contain terms that seem unnecesary for SFM, like 'Physics'.

Deedsturwut posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago


Oh god, sorry, I didn't see your comment. I'm not sure why I included the SMD files, error on my part hehe. You need to put everything else in except the smd files hehe.

stuffedbutter posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

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