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Ultraman Nexus





An Ultraman called by many names, with many mysteries and questions surrounding him. But Nexus is In his true form of Noa, he is a godlike being capable of great and mysterious powers. In the form of the Next, he is a devolved form and a somewhat shadow of his former power.
But the form of Nexus, is the one seen most commonly when he fuses with a human.

Nexus was in high demand and so I brought him from the dark abyss of my HD and made him SFM and GMOD compatible.

Like all my models, he comes in four sizes.

Also if your going to ask for his Anphans or Junis Blue forms, all I have avaliable, is this form, Junis Red.

That's all for now



Out of all the Ultraman characters, I say, this looks like the best one you've done so far. Really nice job.

Rhedd999 posted 2 years, 11 months ago

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