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Weapon and Prop Pack


These are just a number of weapons and some props that I imported in SFM from XNALara for various projects.

I do not own any of these, and simply did the conversion.

It includes:

  • A rigged hangman's platform (imported in XPS by KoDraCan at Deviant Art, originally from

  • Malacath's Shrine from TES V: Skyrim

  • Executioner's Axe from the same (not it is oversized because I intended for a big model; can be resized easily enough)

  • A number Jaysus Swords, coming from a mod for Skyrim, some of them with scabbards.

  • A gold necklace with either a lizard or a round pendant.

  • Wonder Woman's shield and Amazonian weapons and shields from Injustice.

  • A machette type knife (The Edge of Eli, from a Fallout New Vegas mod)



Thanks for the port. Have a happy Christmas.

allensimonov posted 3 years ago


Very nice, thank you :D

BradmanX posted 3 years ago

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