From Y to Y(Stage)


Ported from the XNALara model bu Deexie

Another Map Model, this one I used for a New Years animation. It should have a decent scale and shouldn't need any rescale but models are ported in all shapes and sizes so if it's too big or small just scale accordingly.

I tried to make extra bones for the clouds so they can be animated as a parallax but it didn't work out well so don't use them as I was too lazy to delete them and re-port.

Bodygroupable Parts

Clouds High

Basically you can bodygroup everything except everything on the ground plane. including the water and the smaller buildings and such.

Comes with XPS/Modelsrc/Blend files.



exellent !

Nicobay posted 1 year ago


ok what map are you using it on cause i cant seem to find one it fits in.

onagiart posted 1 year ago


[This one.]( It's what I use for all the map models cause I dunno how big they'll be. Fits most of them. In case the link doesn't work it's called 'Huge Void XL' in the steam workshop.

Lorisor posted 1 year ago


How did you get it so bright?

JohnsonC47 posted 1 year ago


I didn't that's just with lights disabled. How I light the entire map is create a shadowless map on each opposing axis(6 Lights). Z 1000 Z -1000 X 1000 X -1000 Y 1000 Y -1000 Each light's Horizontal and Vertical FOV maxed and pointing at the map from their respective locations usually a 90 degree rotation though one of them will definitely need a 180 degree rotation. Turn up the Max Distance and Far Z Atten(may have to remap both sliders to like 300,000) Adjust the light so that it gives just enough brightness to illuminate the entire map then make your light sources.(season to taste) Or just light as usual in a void map.

Lorisor posted 1 year ago


Shadowless LIGHT*** FOR each opposing axis****

Lorisor posted 1 year ago

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