One Piece Nami


Here, have an Animu with boobs.
Nami as seen in the Dressrosa Arc. Please let me know of any glitches you find. For the future, I'd like to expand her with more bodygroups, hairs, and maybe a NSFW version.


  • Tons of face flexes
  • adapted for rig_biped_simple
  • alternate skin to easily deactivate my materials
  • arm_twist bones

Remember that shift-clicking the rotate mode button reorients the pivot point relative to the world.

Higher res versions of the preview pics [here]

Original Model from One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 ©Tecmo/Bandai Namco
MMD Port by Friends4Never
SFM Port and minor addons by JawSFM

(and the Awesome Spa Prop pack by Barbell)

[ Nami | Nico Robin | Boa Hancock | Perona | Old Nami ]



Keep 'em coming

alexxt0030 posted 1 year ago


EXCELLENT! I have no idea how you did this but looks great, thanks! Feel free to post this on the Steam Workshop as well!

WillyWanker posted 1 year ago


I hope that monster bit wasn't a jab at me boyo.

TengenGenesic posted 1 year ago


@TengenGensic No absolutely not my friend. I was posting some (NSFW) furries and demons before this one and a few people voiced their displeasure with that kind of content. Not like that would make anyone stop doing this. Also, Your stuff is awesome.

JawSFM posted 1 year ago


YES YES YES thankyou so much for this. Please if you can port any other, nude version, whatever would love to see them and be eternally grateful for your efforts.

Zenu posted 1 year ago


Well I wasn't upset, I was gonna say if you're gonna make a jab, at least use "Rubber suit" monsters ta be specific

TengenGenesic posted 1 year ago


Btw, think you can do some of the other OP models floating around, plenty of different variations of Nami here and others

TengenGenesic posted 1 year ago


@TengenGenesic at first I requested this model but wasn't available, maybe you can try.

WillyWanker posted 1 year ago


nice job when's narutu All joking aside, it's nice to see some more cartoony models for SFM.

Megiddo posted 1 year ago

**WOW!** ![enter image description here]( "enter image title here")

ANDOREI posted 1 year ago

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