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Yusnaan - Train Station & Banquet of the Lord


It took awhile to get the scaling pretty close to where I thought it should be, now whether it's to everyone's taste is...something I'm not too worried about, someone or another will need to scale it up or down depending, that's just how it is sometimes.

XPS Model by Moogle Outfitters

Comes with modelsrc and blend files however this increased the size since just the model is 80mb or so the rest you can just delete if you don't want.

It is a pretty big model so normal void maps probably won't fit it or you can just scale it down.


I basically re-ported the model so I also had to scale it again so it might actually be off from the previous version maybe smaller, maybe bigger I'm not 100% sure but I am for sure the scale is different than before so keep that in mind if you somehow downloaded it before I updated it.

Edit: I just checked, it is smaller, if you had a scene and redownloaded then scale the root to 0.1038and it should be close to what it was originally.

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thanks, i loved this area


Hey! Great port! I just wanted to put here that I was having issues with particles when using this. They tend to just disappear when you look at them from certain angles. Does it have to do with the map or am I just dumb and missing something here?

What particle is it? I haven't tried using any particles with this.
If it's Huge Void XL like I use I kind of doubt it's the map it may be the model.
Have you tried recreating this on other maps to be sure?


Well first when I said map i kinda meant the model. I was using black_void, not XL. I originally was using this colosseum map from workshop and I didn't really have any issues with particles. Here's what it looks like. Mind you this is with lighting disabled.


Also while I'm at it I might as well let you know about this too. The stairs at the edge of the area are just ... weird.

Not sure, but I went ahead and changed some things but the floor issue is fixed by going into the Floor.vmt and deleting the $translucent "1" line...I have NO clue why it's there, but it's why the floor is odd by the stairs at the edge of the area.

Not sure if the fix will help the particle issue, but my suggestion for now is to lift the particle off the floor just a little. I noticed odd issues with the floor because I removed doubles but wasn't sure if that actually did any harm. It could've been just the VMT causing all the trouble but better to just change it anyway.

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