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GTA V Online Apartment V1 Final


It was done. After just 2 months of development, I present to you my next project.
This time I transferred two versions of the player's apartment from GTA Online.

The map consists of 2 apartments. One is a top class apartment. The second is the middle class.

On the map it is possible to turn off the lights in different rooms.

Garry's Mod version -

If you have performance problems, I advise you to turn off the mirror.
To do this, enter the following command in the console: ent_fire mirror_hi_apa (or mirror_low_apa) disable
To enable ent_fire mirror_hi_apa (or mirror_low_apa) enable

On the map there are switches on the walls.
For use, bind E button on the USE function.
To do this, enter the command bind "e" "+use"

= Other commands | Toggle lights =

ent_fire light_entry_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_kitchen_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_studyroom_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_lobby_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_upstair_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_bedroom_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_bedroom_wardrobe_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_bathroom_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_mid_apa_entry_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_mid_apa_hall_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_mid_apa_bedroom_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_low_apa_lobby_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_low_apa_bedrm_logic ToggleTest

ent_fire light_low_apa_bathrm_logic ToggleTest


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WingGundam0604 posted 8 months ago


are u able to fix it

WingGundam0604 posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

im working on it. but there are lots of error messages...

InCoR Niko posted 1 month, 1 week ago

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