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R6S - Vector .45 ACP - Mira's weapon


Yeah Mira's weapon.

First things first:
The model is larger then mira. Add a scale control and regulate it to adjust it to the size you need.

The weapon was ported in personal interest, and will only be updated in personal interest too. So as long as you don't want to help by ripping sights and stuff for me, I will wait, till someone does it.

There were actually 3 barrels, but since the textures are missing I only implemented 1.
The last one (flash hider) has a completly displaced UV map. I added it, if someone is able to fix it. -> please comment if you were able to.
It's bodygrouped so turn it off, if you don't want to fix it.

I added a magazine cause it seemed usefull.

Rigging implements:

  • Trigger- bone
  • Barrel- bone
  • Magazine- bone
  • Stock- bones
  • Stop pin- bone

One stockbone is to extend the stock a little bit. (don't rotate, just move in one axis)
There are other bones for the stock.One should make the stock open up. Just rotate on one axis.

Credits go out to luxox18 on facepunch, for extracting the model.
Rigging and porting made by me.



Love seeing more R6 content, and the vector is a beautiful weapon! is there any chance you can get around to porting a frost model?

reviry posted 2 years, 8 months ago


@reviry I think we are still waiting for luxox18 to extract that model. He's one of the few people who figured out how to rip flawlessly from this game.

JawSFM posted 2 years, 8 months ago

So there are no sights whatsoever? I get no optics, but no BUIS, either? Just the rail? I mean, I guess that could work for point shooting, which apparently the Vector is incredibly pointable, almost to the level of a handgun.

WrightOnTarget posted 1 year, 3 months ago

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