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DEPRACATED - Dead Space 2 - Nicole Brennan



"Nicole Brennan was a Senior Medical Officer aboard the USG Ishimura and was Isaac Clarke's girlfriend prior to the events of the Second Aegis VII Incident. In truth dying from a suicide syringe shot, Nicole attempted to reach to Isaac while helping him to fix different parts on the ship, however, as the end came near, Isaac discovered that whatever he was seeing was caused by the Marker that the Ishimura had recovered earlier. Due to the guilt of losing her and that he was the one who sent Nicole to her doom, Isaac began seeing disturbing hallucinations of her."

Nicole Brennan extracted from Dead Space 2.

Model has been rigged to its original skeleton made by Visceral Games, but because the 3D Max script I use is severely lacking, it does not properly import the weights and the names of each bone. This is one reason why I will not take any requests, unless you are willing to help me to rig some of the bigger Necromorph models such as the Hive Mind, the Brute or the Tripod. However, if I didn't have to rerig every model once again, requests would be fine. I hope you understand.

Models includes:

  • Original skeleton of the character from Dead Space 2
  • Facial deformation bones
  • Normal and nightmare hallucination model variants

For posing purposes.

Note that if you are going to make artwork with this or are going to utilize it with something else, remember to credit me and the original developers.


  • Electronic Arts (owners of Dead Space franchise)
  • Visceral Games (developers of the Dead Space franchise as well as these models and skeletons.
  • Tanya Clarke for performance capture and facial features in the original game
  • Me for rigging and porting the model to SFM


Isaac in the Studio!

Unsalhovsky posted 2 years, 10 months ago



lon3rto posted 2 years, 10 months ago

Would be nice, if you port Nicole from 1st Dead Space. That model looks prettier.

Eldaze posted 2 years, 10 months ago


Was planning to rig her as well but just to get this model working took me almost 10 hours :/

_MaZ_ posted 2 years, 10 months ago

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