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Rainbow Six: Siege - Frost


JTF2 operator Frost from Rainbow Six: Siege


  • Facial expression control bones
  • No equipment variants
    Facial bones include:

  • Eyelid movement

  • Eyeball movement
  • "Suspicious" look bone for the areas below the lower eyelid
  • Eyebrow movement

I might add more bones in the future, but these'll do for the moment.

The model uses a completely custom skeleton I made in 3D Max. Report back if you find any issues.


  • Ubisoft Montreal for original model and textures
  • Me for rigging, skinning and porting it to SFM
  • Luxos18 for extracting the model

I will not take any R6 model requests. This model alone took me approximately 10 hours to finish.

Workshop mod page link:



It looks like her hair is missing.

Greebi posted 2 years, 6 months ago


*sigh* i was working on her well, whatever then

Minitiv posted 2 years, 6 months ago

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