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Dead Space 2-3 - Security Suit (All SP campaign variants / Isaac)


Security Suit (Normal, Arctic, Riot, Zealot, Triage, Soldier, Elite, EarthGov and N7 variants) extracted from Dead Space 2.

Contains original skeleton for the base model and the helmet. The helmets come as seperate pieces due to them having their own bone system.

Isaac's face contains bones from Dead Space 2 and is fully posable.

Bodygroups for 5 different health bar and 3 stasis bar textures (missing the blue shade due to techincal limitations :))

For posing purposes.

Note that if you are going to make artwork with this or are going to utilize it with something else, remember to credit me and the original developers.


  • Electronic Arts (owners of Dead Space franchise)
  • Visceral Games (developers of the Dead Space franchise as well as these models and skeletons.
  • Me for extracting and porting the model(s) and textures to SFM

I am not going to tutor every million people asking how I extracted the models and sounds so just putting this here to inform about that.

Workshop mod page:



My favorite suit in the game

xboxer214 posted 2 years, 1 month ago



esref380 posted 2 years ago


Alright if you make one for me :)

_MaZ_ posted 2 years ago

ZEAL Cloaker

Very nice!

ZEAL Cloaker posted 1 month ago

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