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gm_norad is a visually impressive stage map that was designed for a Saxxy 14 entry.

Included in the download is a large interior room for a massive office like futuristic environment.
Also in the pack is a set of furniture to populate the environment.
The included norad_release.dmx has the entire environment fully lit and populated in a starter scene. It also features fully working cubemaps!


  • maps/gm_norad.bsp
  • models/lt_c/holo_wall_unit.mdl - now with new skin!
  • models/lt_c/norad/chair.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row_5.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row_7.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row_11.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row_13.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/desk_row_15.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/girder.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/tower_bottom.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/tower_girder.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/tower_glass.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/tower_top.mdl
  • models/lt_c/norad/wall_screen.mdl
  • models/lt_c/sci_fi/headset_2_vr.mdl
  • models/lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight.mdl
  • models/lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight_bracket.mdl
  • models/lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight_rigged.mdl

For more on the project and how this map was made, be sure to check out this post about the maps and this post about the models.

More maps and models from this project are on their way! Stay tuned for other releases in the near future.



Wow, verry impressiv. Its a nice Set to do some scifi movies!!! Thanks a lot for the upload, I will try it today for some Test scenes.

futanariafan posted 4 years, 11 months ago


Awesome work, comrad!

Lalka posted 4 years, 11 months ago


One of my favorites, nice to see you uploading here Lt. Commander

DarkCrow posted 4 years, 10 months ago

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