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Summer Drinks



1.bones for some props.
2.flexes:liquid, ice, and other interesting props.
3.include 2 skin : skin0-liquid alpha1, shin1-liquid alpha0.
4.bodygroups for all props in it.


1.deexie for his original xnalara model release
2.Cold for xps -> sfm port
3.Cold and wy for VMT testing
4.Cold for VMT writting and flexs
5.HaJi Union Studio for the texture and bones
6.Loudomian and Cold for preview pictures


1.i will upload in workshop in a few days when i think the models are great enough.[滑稽]
2.there are some bug in my models and if you know how to deal it, please leave me a reply.[滑稽]
3.reproduction must be with my name and the sfmlab website,thx.[滑稽]



Needed drinks for my current project, thank you!

ArtisticAtom posted 2 years, 3 months ago

God DAAAYM. Right when I needed it but wasn't even searching for it. You sir (or lady) are a gift sent from heaven!

Pepmeistersi posted 2 years, 3 months ago

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