Beach House Island - Scenery Map (ported)



A basic beachhouse scenery map for SFM purposes.

  • Environmental Lighting [HDR] Added
  • Interior & Hottub Lighting Added
  • Water Displacement Reflections & Bathroom Mirror Reflections Bugs Expected

I ported this map from an Garry's Mod map. (gm_coolhouse)

I removed all the useless entities, fixed textures & errors, and enabled HDR during the final compression. There's static props, environmental lighting, interior beach-house lights, as well as lights in the hot-ttub.

I wanted to make a no-light version, but I honestly spent hours trying to figure it out and gave up in the end.

Invisible Entities: If you're wondering why some rocks, or the tree-logs, doors, mirror, et cetera are missing, just enable "Other Entities" in SFM, by right-clicking your view port and selecting them.

Note: Far as I know, it doesn't require anything as all the maps extra assets are included inside of the BSP, unless I misunderstood how compiling works, the original author said you may need Counter-Strike Source.



@PatrickGainher , Thanks, I'll take a look at it and possibly submit this one.

SnippsTheSlammer posted 5 months ago


@PatrickGainher Yeah, I'm not using yours... ERROR signs where the boulders are.. and the light above the front door. Props missing, that I had made dynamic "Other Entities" with SFM Textures actually missing that I never had a problem with before in and around the outdoor pool/hottub. That plus I have been working on a re-work of the whole map itself by extending it's skybox and ocean, and better beach/shore area... But still having water displacement issues.

SnippsTheSlammer posted 5 months ago


@SnippsTheSlammer It seems like I have made an improper porting. Pardon me, but I didn't see that. I will need to see how I will embed files properly.

PatrickGainher posted 5 months ago

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