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Alice Nakata+Nude

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Well it's been on Tumblr for I dunno how long I suppose it's time to drop it in the lab.

This is actually 2 models, one is the regular Alice and the other is the nude. Instead of going out of my way to recap everything I'll just copy/paste the tumblr post.

@darknessringo sent me a link(on my other account) to an Alice Nude mod, so I went ahead and ported it and added it to the Alice model I already ported.

Unfortunately I couldn’t put a bone on the belt without it shrinking after exporting so the belt STILL doesn’t have a bone. I think I know how but rather than waiting for me to do a bunch of trial and error I decided to release it now and update it later.

UPDATE - Alice Nakata port by DazzyAllen formerlly TRDaz, of the Sticklove community.

Nude Alice Mod by Cunihinx

This will definitely overwrite my previous version as I did a little bit of tweaking to the hair.

Works with Met’s Magic Rig, which I did not include.

Nude Model still has ‘Hair’, ‘Hat’, ‘Boots’, and ‘Eyebrows’, colorable skins however not the nude body itself…or the pubes, but they’re bodygroupped.

Scales are very close with little error margin

And now for the list of things from the initial Alice SFW release.

–Bone Orientation is screwy, I tried(Emphasis on TRIED) to fix it and only marginally made it better but it’s still screwy but manageable.

–Boot area bends sort of weird(I think) looks good but probably can get really ugly.

–No bodygroup for Hat because she’s straight BALD at the top.

–Hat, Shirt, Skin, Shorts, Boots, Bra ALL colorable just choose the second skingroup then go into element viewer and color to your hearts content.

–rig included which is the XPS Rig which seems universal for some(or most) XPS models.

–Shirt and Bra Bodygrouped and has Nude Barbie upper body but there’s nothing underneath the shorts so they are NOT bodygrouped.(I guess “Can Go Topless Only” would’ve been better to say.)

–Faceposing may be a little iffy, I noticed when making that blowjob pic I did awhile back that the corner lips act kinda weird though it might just be that I suck at face posing.

I believe the reason I hadn't put it up here in the beginning was because of the aforementioned problems, especially the belt not having a bone, but I figure people may not care SO MUCH if they're using other similar models that I've found had similar or worse problems. I won't mark as Incomplete but if I manage to do some kind of fix or if someone else does and lets me know then I'll still update it.

There's also supposedly a strange bend in the pelvis in one of these models so I guess that's something to look out for. Also I think there's a rogue vertex in the hips that doesn't move when rigged up, I'm not certain but I did an animation and noticed it long after I'd finished it.

Previews by Orcfuta and Darknessringo, used without permission.



which model?

Lorisor posted 2 years, 4 months ago

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