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MGSV - Quiet's Cell


Quiet's Cell from Metal Gear Solid 5

Comes with 3 bonemergeable meshes with 31 bodygroups between them.

Dr.Dabblur - Porting, and preview images
CenterfolderSFM - Model ripping
CreaseInTime - Model extracting, preview images
KONAMI, Kojima, and anyone else involved in the making of MGS:TPP


SFM Workshop Release



Love MGSV stuff, thanks for the upload!

Sedyin posted 2 years ago

Impressive. Reminds me of the fact that the Quiet model we have in the Gmod/both workshops on steam, is stuck with the non removable stockings just cause at the time, there wasnt a version without them, since then the porter/s had, had no interest in porting the newest update for that port on the workshop, it realy, realy sucks. But good model man.

Deleted posted 2 years ago


This should be quite useful. lol

foxSFM posted 2 years ago


I'd say I have some uses for this model. Thank you :) And @Artuurs, pretty sure Quiet is in RedMenace's abandonware bundle. Bodygrouped stockings on that one.

Carlomay posted 2 years ago

@Carlomay what bundle? This one? https://sfmlab.com/item/1131/ already know about it long ago and am infact talking about taking this version, and applying it to the more limited version here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=593261147&searchtext=quiet but alas, that Lord Krit guy, he never did it with that kind of stubborness those uploaders like him ussualy have, ported this while all the features werent present and refuses to update for no reason... i dont know if that bundle works for gmod or not, its just a pitty its not on the workshop for the most part. Anyway, wonder what can we expect next.

Deleted posted 2 years ago

Wow great prop

achilles1083 posted 2 years ago

@Artuurs: Carlomay is talking about this: http://redmenacekun.tumblr.com/post/163112347904/psa

Deleted posted 2 years ago

@alexxt0030 ah...so youre saying a Gmod compatible version of Quiet, with the stocking bodygroups, is in there? Well, i wouldnt have ever found it. A pitty i cant just take that without downloading the whole bulk, dont even know what else is on there. But thats...neat i guess...? I mean, when the SFM version that is litearly on the workshop has that bodygroup and the gmod version on the workshop does not...oh..its no longer there, how odd. And the workshop version of this cage model has that gmod version of Quiet in there in the screenshot. Eh, just dissapointing it is. And the Quiet from the link youre letting know probably has the naughty bodygroups aswell so no point in uploading that either. Just sucks it does. Thanks for the info anyway i guess.

Deleted posted 2 years ago


@Artuurs It isn't a Gmod-compatible version.

CreaseInTime posted 2 years ago


@Alexxt0030, thanks :) @Artuurs, I don't mean to sound snarky, but no, I was not pointing to a Gmod compatible model as we're on SFMlab. Figured you were looking for an SFM model :)

Carlomay posted 2 years ago

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