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Rwby: Blake Volume 4


Warnning this is an old version. Any new updates can be found here:

Blake Belladonna is finally here! I really like this new look, it's different from her original outfit but she makes it work. When I first saw her on the boat I thought, "Did she become a pirate?" Then it just grew on me.

Anyways this model has a couple of clipping issues but I made some sliders to deal with it. It's not perfect so you'll have to work around this.

The file also includes her weapon Gambol Shroud as a separate model. For easy posing with the sword make sure to have the hands lock on the swords base then zero it in.

Ik rig for this model is Rig_rwby.

Gambol Shroud is from spirit-x-ninja.

You can find more of spirit-x-ninja work here:

This outfit is a customized version from Naruchan10.

You can find more of Naruchan10's stuff here:


@Yinyama How do you turn of AO? I have never touched that.

windninja490 posted 1 year, 2 months ago


@windninja490 Right click the Viewport screen, click on Render Settings, from there it will give you options to make the render look nicer. There is an option that's called Ambient Occlusion (AO). You can just disable it or set it to outline only. I like the outline setting, it gives the models a sharper look. It should look something like this... Hope that helps

Yinyama posted 1 year, 2 months ago

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