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WoW Female Nightborne - Enuleth by ColonelYobo

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Another port of ColonelYobos WoW models, and a female nightborne might be something for a wider audience, compared to Vulpera and Highmountain Tauren ports.

The port is at a stage where I would call it complete, so unless there are some issues I missed, I'd say it's the final version for the moment.

Mets rig used to work at some point, but after having some issues and starting from scratch, it didn't seem to work any more, so I added a basic autorigger rig. Valve biped 3spine also works, but then flexes are hidden.


  • basic rig included
  • jigglebones (butt, boobs, hair, ponytail, ears)
  • facial bones and other bones for posing
  • eyeposing (viewtarget, but kinda useless since eyes glow anyway)
  • finger and toe posing
  • body groups for hair band and jewelry (can be removed)
  • eyes emit some light to simulate glow effect, and optional skin with glowing tattoos
  • a number of facial and body flexes, should be enough to cover the basics

Known issues:

  • didn't test every possible pose, but in general no big issues I encountered so far


  • enjoy the results of multiple hours wasted on this port

Blizzard for making WoW and Nightborne
ColonelYobo for the Blender model
Me for porting it



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TheJoker116 posted 7 months ago


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Strega posted 7 months ago



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dong_jovi posted 7 months ago


I tried reasoning with the guy once. Definitely a lost cause in my opinion. XD

TheJoker116 posted 7 months ago


Even a lost cause can be a source of entertainment, but not this time, way too dense for any fun and jokes...

dong_jovi posted 7 months ago

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