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Female Pandaren

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My first proper model port, hopefully the first of many. Based on ColonelYobo’s Pandaren girl. If it’s in the .blend session from SmutBase, I’m not to be credited for it.


  • IK Rig made using Auto-Rigger.
  • 2 models: main body with the original style from Yobo, and one with the modular outfit and hair variations shown in the previews images.
  • 4 skin variations for the body, hairstyles, and outfit all together. So 16 different possible variations, is that right? (That’s not smug self-congratulation, I’m just genuinely awful at math).
  • A whole buttload of flexes, including some correction flexes for bending the thighs in different directions. There’s also a pair of flexes to simulate the tummy chub bunching up. Left/Right works pretty well, the front one’s a bit finicky. Fine tune it with the belly bones. And on that note…
  • Helper bones for that cuddly wuddly chubby tummy.
  • Custom sfm_defaultanimationgroups. Back up your current one if you want.


  • Most of the Boob/Butt flexes obviously doesn’t have the outfit follow along. Use the helper bones to adjust.
  • The correction flexes for the thighs are scuplted at 90-45-15 degree angles for Forward-Outward-Backward respectively. Should give you a clue to the optimal/maximum angle for different poses.


  • If you don’t know how to attach the clothes: drag the animationset for the main body onto the outfit to “lock” it. Then go into the outfit model hiearchy, grab all the bones that became locked, and Zero them out.
  • Change eye color with the $iris command. Use the filepath "irisblue" or "irisgold".

Future plans (On hold):

  • More skins.
  • More outfits.
  • More hairstyles. Specifically some custom mish-mash merges of different hairstyles that you can’t find in game (á la Yobo’s original version).
  • “AU” Outfits/styles? I’m interested in seeing a Pandaren Demon Hunter.


  • Blizzard for chubby panda.
  • @colonelyobo for chubbier panda.
  • The developers of the WoW Model Viewer (my mind is racing with the possibilities).
  • The guy who made Auto-Rigger. Got a crazy and crazy-long user name, just Google it.

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr: Prepare for sporadical updates, I’m very much doing this part-time. Let me know if anything looks wonky, I’ve spent more time building her than trying her out. She’s also had to serve as a guinea bear for me figuring out what I can do in Blender and how to port her properly, so there's probably a few quirks here and there.


Commander Shepard

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Commander Shepard posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago

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