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Model Favoriter


So this is a tool I’ve had in the shop for a long time now, and have been intending to make for years now.

In a nutshell, I fucking hate having to wait 3+ minutes for Source Filmmaker to load up all 63,000 models I have installed in my SFM, just so I can pose together a quick idea.

Naturally, rather than taking the “smart” solution of removing models I never use to get my SFM installation down smaller, I instead went the route of building a tool that can completely circumvent SFM’s need to load models altogether.

The solution? The Model Favoriter.

It does exactly what its name suggests: you add to it models that you want to find quickly, and then later you can double-click those models to spawn them in, with Source Filmmaker loading in the resources for that model (and only that model) just-in-time.

If you have models that you find yourself using all the time, like scenebuild props, then this allows you to put them all in one convenient spot. No more needing to hunt through the Model Browser for them.


Right-click any Animation Set in the Animation Set Editor, and apply it like a rig. It doesn’t matter what you apply it to - I usually use the camera.

Right-click in the list area of the pop-up to bring up a context menu. At first, your only option will be to add a Root Folder. Do so. You will be prompted to name your folder. Once you are done, your folder is made!

Add more folders to the root level using the same control. You can also right-click folders to add models to them, add new folders to them, or set their color. If a folder is empty, you can also delete it.

Add Models brings up a menu that lists all of the models currently in the scene. Add a check-mark to every model you want to add to the current folder, and then hit okay. Models must be spawned into the scene to be added to the Model Favoriter.

Add Folders brings up the same folder menu as before. You can have your folders nested however deep you want.

Set Color is purely aesthetic, and has no practical function. Feel free to color code your Model Favoriter to your heart’s content, or keep everything gray-white if you wish.

Delete Folder is only available if a folder is empty. You need to delete or move items out of a folder to delete it.

You can click-and-drag folders and models around to reorganize as you see fit. Ctrl-click or shift-click to select multiple items and move them all at once. You can recolor multiple things at the same time this way, too.

Once you are happy with your changes, press the Save All button. IF YOU CLOSE THE WINDOW WITHOUT PRESSING ‘SAVE ALL’, YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR CHANGES. SO PRESS ‘SAVE ALL’ OFTEN.

To spawn models, simply double-click them. You will get a notification at the bottom of the window saying what you spawned, and when you spawned it. When done spawning models, close the window for them to appear in Source Filmmaker. YOUR SOURCE FILMMAKER MIGHT LOCK UP FOR A FEW SECONDS - THIS IS NORMAL, AS THE PROGRAM LOADS ALL OF THE MATERIALS FOR THE MODEL.

That’s it! Pose to your heart’s content!

If you want to share parts of your Model Favoriter list with other people:

Select all of the folders and models you want to share, and then hit “Save Selected”.

Then, go to your sourcefilmmaker/game/LordAardvarkScriptData/ModelFavoriterExports/ folder. You will see a .MFD file named after a string of numbers. This is the file you share.

To install an .MFD shared in this way, place it into the sourcefilmmaker/game/LordAardvarkScriptData/ModelFavoriterImports/ folder. The next time you run the Model Favoriter, every file in that folder will be loaded into your Model Favoriter, saved to your primary data file, and then deleted.

If you are sharing your .MFD with other people, be sure to instruct them on step 3, so they know how to install it!



You have a video tutorial for usign this?

JavierTheOne posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


Can you not read?

MissSonicBoom posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


"MissSonicBoom" I can't, wanna read it all off for me and say within this message board here. It'll be nice ^_^. Also pretty sure the person can read, but can you read? I'll just jump to the end of what my mind is dribbling on up and such. Just to get the stupid "STUFF" outta the way. So mister vark. Are you implying that we can upload any model that we would want within any part of the our computer hardware. Like for and example, lets say that I got my dumb models among the top of my desktop and not within SFM its self. But yet its within the whole deal of models/stupidstuff/HD ED. Are you saying that we can upload it fro that exact point of the area. Or is it only within the limitation of the whole SFM area its self. Am just wishing to make sure, and as well get the stupid stuff outta the way. Don't get me wrong, something like this would just be fucking amazing, that would be one hell of a long ass wish list. Also that would be impossible I think but, screw it. Ain't like I know JACK crap about SFM anyhow. I do but am just saying for the heck of it.

ConfusingXfate posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


Forgot to add and "M" towards one of the words, eh...anyhow this is a nice thingy though to have to use to help shorten stuff more. Anyhow, pretty sure this is within SFM limitations right.

ConfusingXfate posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


Yooo if this is what I think it is, this is incredibly useful. Thanks dude.

BuddyBoi posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


I probably like the the utilities you put out more than the models (which is saying something, I like the models a lot). Appreciate all the work you do for the community.

Aliassfm posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


@Confusing, the models have to be installed into SFM properly. You have to spawn them into SFM before you can add them to the Model Favoriter. This tool simply allows you to bypass the Model Browser after you've added them. You have to let the Model Browser find them the first time, but after that, you never have to use it again to spawn those models.

LordAardvark posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


@MissSonicBoom there are people who learn easier by watching instead of reading obviously

kyo posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


This just reminds me that I wish there was an easier way to remove unwanted models other having to hunt down multiple folders each time

Malcis posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago


oi mate, this is something i think its rly cool, definitely gonna use that, but by any chance, do you also have something to preview maps ? like the model preview sfm has ? becoz its always a pain in the ass finding a map i once downloaded for a specific situation and cant remember their filenames. know what im sain

kespr posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

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