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Waycrest Manor (WoW)


The ancestral home of the Waycrest family for SFM. Includes the interior (so it looks bad from the outside) of the dungeon and most of the props that are found inside.
Originally it was meant for personal usage, so the models names are the same as they were exporter. Search them by folder names. They are all in a zent... main folder so that's another way to find all models.
To assemble the building search for "interior" and spawn all models from there (23 models), then use the "Default" slider to put them in the right place. Consider grouping them for easier movement. There is also the part of the map on which the manor stands but for the love of god I couldn't make it fit. Try if you want, the name is 25_30(the maptile name). Sadly the doors and the fountain water aren't part from that so you will have to put them yourself.
It's my first release so if something breaks down tell me and I will try to fix it. Also if you want a list of all models I will fetch one.



This will be much needed, the community needs more buildings and scenes!! Thank you^^

sikkistrange posted 11 months ago


Great amount of props here, thanks a lot!

makar55 posted 11 months ago

Could you upload Jaina Proudmoore model?

dvlmogdmdldgl posted 10 months, 4 weeks ago

dvlmogdmdldgl The model is one of Bangfri's paid models and from respect to him I won't upload his models.

Deleted posted 10 months, 4 weeks ago


Wrote it from the wrong profile but yeah, what I said ^^

Zentaeron posted 10 months, 4 weeks ago

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