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Ships (WoW)


Most ships from World of Warcraft for your sea adventures or whatever you want to use them for. To see all models search for zent\ships. Includes the following:




icebreaker, icebreaker_paddlewheel,

nightelf_ship, nightelf_ship_sails (if you want sails version),


kiljaeden_ship, the_vindicaar, the_vindicaar_light,


kultiras_ship1, kultiras_ship2 (parts of the same ship use, default slider to assemble)

Kultiraslarge... (11 parts, use default slider again)

forsaken_shiplarge, forsaken_shiplarge_sails (default slider)

zandalari_shiplarge, zandalari_shiplarge_sails

zandalari_shipsmall, zandalari_shipsmall_sails

The sails of the last two didn't want to cooperate so you will have to adjust them a little. I will try to update it with fixed ones if I can.
There are also some props like cannons, forsaken ballista and kultiran/forsaken ship wheels. Didn't add the other props because combined they were more then thousand.

P.S. Jaina's ship (middle one on alliance side) is not included because I want to hold on it for now.



I spy the Zandalari ships yeeesssss

ClockworkCorpse posted 10 months, 1 week ago

I can't wait to fill these boats with seamen

RedMuffin posted 10 months, 1 week ago


Just took a quick look at some ships, and I was relieved to see that the default scale is not too tiny like with many WoW SFM ports. Maybe some people can relate to the pain of guessing the right scale of every single prop just to make a scene with WoW props.

dong_jovi posted 10 months, 1 week ago


dong_jovi , Yeah I have the same problem when using other people's models. Most of mine are scaled according to Bangfri's human female model (since that's what people are using anyway).

Zentaeron posted 10 months ago


I used liards goblin as scale reference for vulpera, since they are supposed to be similar, and just sticked to it. Just shows how ununified (if that's a word?) it is. And I have no idea what scale to use, but jigglebones break rescale, so I have to pick one :/

dong_jovi posted 10 months ago


For most big models (like buildings and ships) I am setting the scale to 15. For the smaller props from 20 to 30, depending on the model really.

Zentaeron posted 10 months ago


20 to 30 sounds about right, but it still sucks when models from same person have different scale factor. No idea how big the demand for WoW SFM props is, but agreeing to one scale might be beneficial, if demand goes up, I think. Takes a second in Blender/whatever while porting, and might save some time for whoever uses it in SFM.

dong_jovi posted 10 months ago

Hey thanks, this is exactly what I needed Did you use WMV to export this? I've been trying to get the Kul Tiras ships, but I can't find them anywhere in the files, just the sails

Sifty4101 posted 10 months ago


Hey Sifty, I used the WoWObjectExporter models section. There just find the name of the model you want (which can be tricky since some models have weird names), click export to OBJ and then make it into a SFM file with either Blender or 3ds Max.

Zentaeron posted 10 months ago

Ah yeah, thanks I did try the objectexporter too, but with no previews and things like "ship" not coming up with anything useful I just assumed it would be the same as with the modelviewer

Sifty4101 posted 10 months ago

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