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Korin in a hot bikini (SFM + Gmod)


This is Korin from the Korin Mod for Half Life 2. She's a cute asian girl wearing a bikini.
I had this model in my Gmod folder for ages and I've decided to upload it here, seeing that there was none here or on the Workshop.
The model can be used both in SFM and Gmod (for the latter, there is also a NPC included).

Note that there are some issues :

  • Known issues :
  • Faceposing does not work in SFM (you can only move her eyes though)
  • Neck texture is glitchy in SFM
  • There are 24 skins, which are variants of skin colors, bikini colors and hair colors.
    Though, only skins 0, 2, 12 and 18 are ok. The rest have missing hair textures (in SFM and Gmod)

Nkinta is the model's creator, I have only chanegd sone of the bikini textures and added phong lighting.

I won't fix the issues because I don't know how to do it, if anyone knows how to fix the glitchy textures and faceposing, you can go ahead ! :)



Always liked this model. Thanks!

ComradeXSnarky posted 7 months ago

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