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The Spellbinder


Armor set mod for Skyrim brought over to SourceFilmmaker. Uses the original skeleton. If you want a simple rig, I suggest using auto-rigger.

Hope you guys get some use out of it!


I've always liked this custom armor in game! This is great! Thanks!

Serum posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago


belt missing texture

Mr.Grayfox posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago


deus vult intensifies

SnowSFM posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago


I've had 3 people tell me the textures are missing on the belt, but at the same time have had people tell me it's fine. I'll look at the zip and make sure I got everything in there.

xXScarletGmodXx posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago


Should be fixed now.

xXScarletGmodXx posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Big Boss

I'm Big Boss, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Big Boss posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago


We honestly need more Skyrim models like this one, LoL.

CommanderNova702 posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

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