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Anthro Arcanine

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Another one. Since I got my feet wet with the previous release, this went real smooth.


  • No flexes... yet. I'm not knowledgeable enough. However the model comes with a seriously detailed IK rig... until the next eventual release, you should be all covered, don't worry.
  • No jigglebones neither, but, ya know, breasts and butt bones are there.
  • Two models - one cel-shaded, one not.
  • Two bodygroups for bikini top and bottoms.
  • Vagina and anus bones.

For future releases:

  • Face flexes. I figure the genitals are better off being bones.
  • Proper Source eyeballs?

If there's any issues with the IK rig or whatnot aside from the above mentioned bug, do let me know, I may have missed something in testing.


@Sangiewolf Jojje didn't create the model, Disembowell did. You can find Disembowell's deviantART here:

BreakinBenny posted 1 year, 7 months ago

Whoever makes these models is like, super talented..... i wish i was talented

CASSYBITCH posted 1 year, 6 months ago


What happened to the blaziken one, can't find it anywhere :C

Squirrelphobia posted 9 months ago

Wait, where is the IK Rig?

Meemboi_Doktor posted 6 months ago

@Squirrelphobia She is still alive, not here but it's still possible to get her here:

LEYNAD posted 1 month ago

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