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TRON Model Pack


Tron:Legacy Intro
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Here it is, my first model project. TRON: Legacy is my absolute favorite movie, and a couple months back when I saw that there was basically no TRON models for Source, I thought it was a travesty. But then I thought, how hard could it be to port the models from the TRON: Evolution game?

2 months and a lot of learning how to port and model later, here they are. TRON models!

Included in the pack are the following characters, vehicles, and miscellaneous things:

  1. Anon (with Sam Flynn suit reskin)
  2. Black Guard
  3. CLU
  4. The Grid
  5. Identity Disc
  6. Light Cycle
  7. Light Tank
  8. TRON Logo (like the one seen in the intro up there)
  9. Quorra
  10. Recognizer
  11. Rinzler/TRON (If this model is screwy for you, make sure you have model detail set to High)
  12. Sentry Scout
  13. Street Light/Streets
  14. Vintage Light Cycle

All the characters have IK Rig functionality, working off rig_biped_tron, which is supplied.

The vehicles have working moving parts, including animatable wheels and engine on the Light Cycles, the turret on the tank, and most of the Recognizer.

The ID Disc also has a bone to control the inner disc/blade, for rotation, and you can apply scale control to animate it activating out of the disc.

Overall I'm very happy with these models, being my first major model project. Enjoy!

Credit goes to the developers of TRON: Evolution, the maker of Umodel, SlickRick/SRick who put out a brony "TRON" pack which is where the inner disc model comes from, and LordAardvark gets mad props for teaching me how to do all this stuff.


Great model pack, my only recommendation is a higher res preview or such to see the models better a bit better before downloading.

DizDaz posted 4 years, 8 months ago


Nice work. Here's a video i made with ur pack. [](

hentaiforeva posted 4 years, 7 months ago

Guess i'm a long way off from the time you did these but yeah I love it! If I might add a suggjestion to include the fully white outfit/model. You know who I mean, the gorgeous blonde (Gem) that introduces Sam to Zuse. And Zuse himself would really compliment it too.

shane902 posted 4 years, 1 month ago


Damn Hentaiforeva, that was some seriously nice work.

whiteblood17 posted 4 years ago

This is Awesome! thank you for posting it. Now to go find the maps hehe.

digitalpanther posted 3 years, 7 months ago

I love Tron: Legacy so much. I think people really misunderstand this film though. It may have not been a huge success, but its a very highly underrated movie. Hell, the entire series is completely underrated. I just love it so much. And now we have models to animate with. All we need now are maps...... wait are there any Tron maps available for SFM?

Numbskill posted 3 years, 6 months ago


I'd love to see more "scene build" assets in this pack, even a map or two would fit the bill... All there is currently is the grid floor. Some walls and maybe some skyboxes would be a nice addition. I've seen videos with some really good scene builds in them, just no idea where they got the assets to build them...

CaptFuzzy posted 3 years, 1 month ago


could it please be ported to gmod so we may have some tron content at last? drivable vehicles would be nice as well as a disk swep

ma3a posted 1 year, 10 months ago

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