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Demon's Souls - Nexus Magic Symbols


Demon's Souls' Magic Symbols (or Magic Squares as the game defines them) found within the Nexus.

  • There are 4 bodygroups which can be turned on/off depending on what symbols you want.
  • Each symbol contains a bone so they can be repositioned, or rotate independently as they do ingame.



Nice job, man.

Gwamp posted 4 years ago


I can already see someone making a Demon souls porno already lol

2013doom posted 4 years ago


I'll never forget the time where I 100% thought that falling down the top of the Nexus would reward me somehow...goddamit messagges.BTW Nice work.

SirSwaggington posted 4 years ago


@2013doom I've already made a bunch of Demon's Souls porn animations.

KickleSFM posted 4 years ago


Cool. :)

xigva posted 4 years ago


Anyway,keep up the good work Kickle,can't wait for other Demon/Dark Souls models... (Emerald Herald maybeh? :) )

SirSwaggington posted 4 years ago


So all we need now - some cool maps out of nexus from demons world. great work, thank you!

futanariafan posted 4 years ago

Excellent! I hope to see more Souls' content. Great job, man.

sef_den12 posted 4 years ago


The porting tools for Demon's Souls are incomplete so don't expect any maps soon :( Hopefully they can be ripped from an emulated copy of the game.

KickleSFM posted 1 year, 6 months ago

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