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Sc-Fi Shuttle Modelpack


Up for your downloading pleasure is what I consider a ‘setpiece model,’ a piece of work that is a concerted effort to produce high quality results. It is a small sci-fi themed space shuttle about the size of a bus, fully detailed with interior and exterior and loads of functionality for a prop. This project was started over a year ago as a simple prop and eventually evolved into what you see today. After a year of non-continuous development (i.e. a month or two of work a year ago and a few months of work concluded today), I’m proud to release this model and the associated props that fit well with it.
You get:  

Shuttle - interior and exterior + skybox versions

shuttle_interior is fully rigged. Points of articulation for: nacelles and nacelle struts; control sticks for pilot and copilot; pilot, copilot, and nav chairs; side door, interior doors, and back door; glass; interior lockers; attached fire extinguisher and medkit; magnets; guns and gun tips; and landing gear.
4 Skingroups: UECFC, Generic, Orbital Resources, and wreck
Bodygrouped decals, each skingroup has four marking variants
A static version with additional bodygroup options: doors, guns, nacelles, glass opacity, and landing gear can be easily set without touching bones.
Separate props for the nacelles, struts, blast door and side door, and guns. These also have bodygroups and skingroups, and share the same origin as shuttle_static
Fully holographic skingroup on shuttle_static and shuttle_skybox
Animation sequences ready for import: Side door opening sequence and spinning exterior magnets
Geometry is sealed: You can place lights in the interior or exterior of the mesh without getting strange bleeding from dynamic lighting. Even the interior of the nacelles have been given geometry for dynamic lighting.


Cargo container – interior and exterior + skybox versions.

Fully Rigged
5 Skingroups: UECFC, UECFC Aged, Generic, and MilMap + bonus
Separate prop doors
Bodygroups for the doors

Pilot Chair – Fully rigged and with additional bodygroups to toggle the base and armrests, plus a skingroup for an aged version.
Fire extinguisher
Step ladder that fits perfectly into the side door of the shuttle

This project was designed for SFM from the start. Initially designed as a simple exterior model, in the past year it received additional work to include a fully modeled interior. (Thanks to the Cloud Odyssey project, this ship went from a simple low poly prop with small textures to something close to what you see today.) Everything that is worth moving is rigged. The glass actually works in most situations, and dynamic lighting was given special consideration to make sure it all works well.
Known Bugs:
AO does not always like to play nice with the glass in SFM when there is high glare or reflections. The shattered glass skingroup has opacity issues at some angles.
Model Directory


If you want to learn a bit how was this was made and like looking at work in progress shots, be sure to check out the in depth post on my blog!
I aslo made a video for it.



So great and useful.

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Simply amazing, thanks!

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