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Greatm8 posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Animal models


Clearly not an "innocent little girl bird" Taco, but go off, very virtuous of you.

Greatm8 posted 9 months, 1 week ago to Medli [Rafaknight] (With Source)


Can't pedophile something that doesn't exist, have sentience or have an actual age homie.

Greatm8 posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago to Nude Inkling Girl


Skuddbutt, the modeler, made her 18 for this model. Compare the proportions from the movie to this model, fucks sake people

Greatm8 posted 12 months ago to Violet Parr (Incredibles)


Thank christ

Greatm8 posted 12 months ago to Chromie (WoW/HotS)


I think the AO on her hair is broken, and her shirt bodygroup is rotated incorrectly, but fantastic work so far!

Greatm8 posted 1 year ago to Violet Parr (Incredibles)


The more Bloodborne we have, the better!

Greatm8 posted 1 year, 2 months ago to Vicar Amelia


Yeaahh nah It's better to focus on content for SFM. Gmod is really outdated and very rarely produces anything that looks great. Fantastic work, do you plan on porting any other WoW models in the future?

Greatm8 posted 1 year, 5 months ago to WoW Female Nightborne - Enuleth by ColonelYobo


These are FANTASTIC, any plans for Lapis? That'd be the cherry on top, best girl.

Greatm8 posted 1 year, 8 months ago to Starfire (Teen Titans)


The more pokemon the better!

Greatm8 posted 1 year, 11 months ago to May (Haruka) - ORAS version - Pokémon