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@yeetdab Thanks for the explanation, i didn't do much research about it xD (she's cute anyways :p)

DevilsCry posted 11 hours ago to HentaiHavenChan V2


Nope, this was an exception because Ranamon is waifu and i really wanted this model. The only models that i would try to port if i find good ones are Liru, Holo and Momiji Inubashiri. Other than that i'll probably won't port anything. I don't want to go back to the same trap ><

DevilsCry posted 2 days, 7 hours ago to Ranamon - Digimon


@ReCal1 You see how Zone has a "mascot" character called Zone-tan? the porn site HentaiHaven did the same and created this HentaiHaven-chan. Tho is considered to be a "stolen" character, since her design is literally a copy of Ran Mitake, from "BanG Dream!" with the HentaiHaven logo put on her shirt. Aaand, yeah, just ignore Chimp, he's one of the saddest attempts at troll that i've ever seen on this site.

DevilsCry posted 4 days, 10 hours ago to HentaiHavenChan V2


Amen to that. When i tried to port Miku to SFM i thought "this is going to be easy as hell. Surely i'll have no troubles to find a proper nsfw nude model of her wearing his "default outfit".... And here we are, i couldn't xD. I found some, but the quality was bad... I'm disappointed, honestly. Of course there are better nsfw models now, but not with the "normal" outfit :/ (and at this point i stopped porting, so... meh xD)

DevilsCry posted 1 week ago to Miku Hatsune - Vocaloid


Ooh, looking good :3

DevilsCry posted 1 week, 2 days ago to Final Fantasy - Golbeza


@Aliassfm, probably the nude base used for the model is MMD, and those models usually have 2 spine bones. Finding a good MMD base with 3 bones is actually "rare" (hell, some of them even have just one.... uugh)

DevilsCry posted 1 week, 6 days ago to Fate/ Stay Night: Rin Tohsaka NSFW


@iloverdc22 Just for the record, if you check the top right corner of this page you will see the "CHANGELOG" text. just click there and you'll find download links to all the previous versions :3

DevilsCry posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago to Team Rwby Time Skip NSFW


Oh, i see. pretty conveniente, since i'm only interested on a few characters. Thanks for the tip :3

DevilsCry posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago to NexGen SFM Model Pack


Sorry to bother you by asking this, but i'm a n00bz with this kind of stuff MLP related. Is this some kind of "template" pack that allows you to make edit and make the different characters from the show (and OCs and such), or it also includes some of the characters already? i have to admit that i was tempted to animate something with them (because i've seen good models), but the amount of headhacks and extra-sources needed to make a whole "model" was a pain (i think i once downloaded 1Gb of stuff and in the end it was all crappy headhacks...). So... technically if i install this do i have access already to some characters, or do i need to do extra stuff? P.S: ouch, i did read the description again, and the whole file is 11.9Gb? ugh.... (is there a way to get a reduced version with just some characters? i think i'm only interested in some "basic" characters, as the main six, and maybe chrysalis)

DevilsCry posted 1 month ago to NexGen SFM Model Pack


Mmm not really, after tumblr nuked most of my post i didn't care anymore, so i mostly upload everything on rule34.paheal/xxx. Recently i made an account in (, but... "meh" :/. I'm gonna try to upload everything there, but there is no proper site anymore. Technically my mega archive is where i upload everything.

DevilsCry posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago to Kaat