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@FuryLover223 Thank you! ^-^

@FuryLover223 Not really. If you use local rotation, it's like this: When it should be like this: So if you put him in a position where global rotation doesn't work, you get this: It rotates to his left nipple. And you have to adjust.

Hey, could you please fix the penis rotation? Right now it rotates slightly sideways. It's okay if you can use global rotation but not so much if you can't. :\

Do note that most of my post is explaining how to solve the issue for people who don't know that kind of stuff. But, of course, if people don't care to learn how to solve simple problems then they have no choice but depend on the author. I'm done defending people.

SFM looks for the textures of the model in the "<root>/materials/models/bandit/lyllalab/<empty folder name>" and "<root>/materials/" folders. Either change the $cdmaterials "models\bandit\lyllalab\" into $cdmaterials "models\bandit\lyllalab" and recompile the model because you can't create a folder with a null name. Or you can just dump the textures (the .vtf and .vmd files) into your materials folder (no subfolders). .. Or, of course, you can wait until the model is finished.