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Femshep version is a different model and I have no plans to do one. And simplest way to make it seem more like a nurse outfit is the red cross, and it's NSFW so porno parody is about what I would expect. (although orginal nurse skin by Vitezislav was his design choice and I've just added/ copied it over to my own nurse skin)

CaptainAwesome posted 2 years, 8 months ago to Miranda Lawson Nurse Outfit

Ok cheers, I'll take a look at the fingers when i get some time. To change/remove clothes go to Animation set editor > Right click on the Alyx model > set body group (or something like that it near the bottom) > and chan chose body groups

CaptainAwesome posted 3 years, 10 months ago to Alyx Vance

I've worked out what I think was your problem when you applied the "Miranda suitvar" textures. For the normal map there is an alpha channel which in SFM is used as a specular map, well thats what i'm assuming (a bit like diffuse and its alpha being used as a transparency map). You probably want that alpha/specular map to be all white like it is on your new version textures. The main diffence between the two is the crease cloth fold on the arms (as the colour is black the specular show through stongest there) Top image is the oringal textures / bottom image is "Miranda suitvar" with the specular changed. ![enter image description here](http://i.imgur.com/ECQMLF2.jpg "enter image title here")

CaptainAwesome posted 3 years, 10 months ago to Miranda Lawson 2016

Not a big thing, but for her suit (black & white) the Diffuse and normal map do not match up on the white area with the hexagonal shapes. Does require a quite close up shot to notice so may not bother some people anyway. ![enter image description here](http://i.imgur.com/Y5OrGlr.jpg "enter image title here") Possible solution (what I did), I had previous versions of LordAardvarks Miranda suitvar model and just copied the textures from the older version to the new Miranda\CerberusSuit materials folder.

CaptainAwesome posted 3 years, 10 months ago to Miranda Lawson 2016