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Still doesn't work! Why do you write "if you find any bugs or have suggestions message me in the comments below." If you never actually check the comments? Really hate how this site has no way to message someone... 99% of the stuff that gets uploaded here is either crap, or broken... FUCK!

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 23 hours ago to Session Importer

Wait, i am Super Seducer Uwe Boll and this is the most illegal model on SFMLab!

Oh great, another head hack that you could make yourself in about 1 minute... Sad how almost nobody makes good models anymore. Also, there already is a rather good anthro Arbok. For charizard you can do a simple head hack, except that you would have to use a 1 colored body and not have charizard's belly texture thingy.

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 3 days, 1 hour ago to anthro fennekin

This is so freaking weird. I opened both sessions without problems, they are 2 different sessions, but no matter what i do, i can't import one of them, if i have the other one loaded. I can open any session, and apparently import any other session i want, EXCEPT the 2 that i want to actually combine! I tried removing spaces and symbols from the file names, but nothing changes. When i open the project with 1 clip, and i import the one with 3 clips, it lets me select only one clip, and that is the one i already have open, same thing the other way around, when i load the one with 3 clips, and import the one with 1 clip, i can select 3 clips, and it's the 3 clips i already have open... WTF am i doing wrong???

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 1 week, 1 day ago to Session Importer

This seems pretty broken. When i open a session, and then select ANY file to import, it only lets me import things from the session i opened, NOT from the session i want to import from. Now i have a session with 3 clips, and clip 1 of that exact same session is added again at the end. Can't figure out a way to import things from another session.

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 1 week, 1 day ago to Session Importer

I am Cuntstable V. Gina and this is my favorite model on SFMLab!

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 1 week, 3 days ago to The Walking Dead MotorVan

I am Rear Admiral F. Aggot and this is my favorite model on SFMLab!

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 1 week, 3 days ago to [Mortal Kombat 11] - Kano

Amazing how many people are like "omg this is amazing!" I bet none of them ever tried this shit out, because it's just fucking bugged and shit. If you don't want the default gigantic fontsize and the ridiculous spacing, you are fucked! I can't beliebe it's 2019 and it's still not possible to SIMPLY add text to sfm. The only choices you have are "shitty tiny font stuck infront of camera" and "equally shitty fonts, where the letters are bigger than the character models, and any change fucks the letters up"

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 3 weeks ago to Text Generator v1.2

I'm Big Faggot, and this is my favorite furniture to fap to! I wonder how retarded you have to be to write ONE sentence, every single day, and not even be able to have no errors in that sentence...

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago to Furniture pack

How can you guys care about pedos, when we have way bigger things to worry about? Look at this fucking mental piece of shit "Big Boss"... Like... HOW fucking mental do you have to be, to go to a porn site, and just post the same sentence about yourself being some videogame character, and how every single model you see is the best? Like... This is how serial killers start! Can't wait for the school shooting where the shooter yells "I AM BIG BOSS" *bang* "AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE KILL IN THIS SCHOOL!" *bang*

gafgraegdsfgadsg posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago to Medli [Rafaknight] (With Source)