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A sweet model is what i have been looking for as well though this is a pack of her voice for Tekken 6. There are two models here on SFM but I guess they are not of much use.

JuliaLover posted 1 year, 4 months ago to Julia Chang/Jaycee Voice


Sorry sfmlab is weird in mobile The other modelshttp://changinformatica.deviantart.com/art/Julia-Chang-Tekken-4-remake-DOWNLOAD-XPS-476268422 http://pedro-croft.deviantart.com/art/Julia-Chang-TTT2-2016-XPS-Download-476087449


Can you please port Julia from the Tekken please? I would prefer her Tekken 6 model from xps. Ported by changdormatica This one http://changinformatica.deviantart.com/art/Julia-Chang-Tekken-6-2P-Outfit-DOWNLOAD-478793202 The other costumes