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Recent comments

Man it's been too long a wait for Ayane to be remodelled by you dude. It's really amazing. However! I found that both the lower legs have a pretty clear seam gap that make them look like they are just about to fall off her. Only when nude of course but it's real easy to spot when you load her up in SFM and load the Nude preset to inspect the legs. Hope that gets fixed up at some point (I'm patient as I know you juggle a lot of stuff for reasons you already explained), but regardless thanks again for all your hard work.

DimensionMan posted 2 years, 7 months ago to Ayane [DOA Fantasy]

Seems the mouth bones don't work when I tested them both. Some of the lip vertices stay in their initial position and as a result the lips get stretched. Jaw bone has this issue also (rotating vertically to open the jaw results in horror :P). Hoping it gets fixed as I can see you otherwise did an amazing job with reworking the flexes. Totally understand if it ain't soon though as you have a lot on your plate these days. Appreciate getting this free after all. Regardless if it gets fixed or not thanks for the updated models dude!

DimensionMan posted 2 years, 10 months ago to Curvy Elsa & Anna 2017 - V2 [DazV4F Update]

Awesome model. Really appreciate it! Since random requests are popping up around here I guess I'll throw one here in the rare chance that it's feasible - http://reinbuu-sama.deviantart.com/art/Tda-Cat-Lingerie-IA-Distribution-v1-01-590605422 Regardless thanks for your contributions here. Not enough anime *anything* in SFM.

DimensionMan posted 3 years, 2 months ago to Miku Hatsune - Vocaloid

Sedyin the issue being experienced is that the .mdl, .vvd and .vtx files for both affected models are packaged in the relative folder path of **models\Cytreath**, but i had to move them to **models\Cytreath\Models** to get them to appear properly. Checking them with a hex editor like xvi32 clued me in on its intended location. Texture paths seem totally fine though :)

DimensionMan posted 3 years, 4 months ago to Princess Bubblegum Nude

@erccmmo it's due to an incorrect path in the two files 'eyeball_l.vmt' and 'eyeball_r.vmt' referencing 'pupil_ambient.vtf' in the wrong spot. Change the path with notepad for the "$AmbientOcclTexture" attribute, to: models/ScoutsSFM\MarieRose\Dancer/Body/pupil_ambient Backup the file first of course if you have concerns of breaking the file somehow, but the fix should be quick and painless. That should do it. Tested it myself and it should resolve your issue (hopefully).

DimensionMan posted 3 years, 5 months ago to Marie Belly Dancer

Hi Aardvark! Loving this model. Found a minor bug that you might want to have a look at if you have the time. There is a gap in the model around the neck area, examplified in the following image: ![enter image description here](http://i.imgur.com/HlTrrkV.jpg "The issue in particular") Awesome work on the model and hoping this is a quick and painless thing to fix.

DimensionMan posted 3 years, 11 months ago to Rebecca Chambers 2016 (Resident Evil 5)

Awesome work! By the way LordAardvark, did you ever manage to fix the tongue rogue verts? Wasn't sure if that was something you were going to fix or decide to leave for now.

@Metssfm Thanks for replying! Only moving the middle bone mitigated the issue I was experiencing and now it makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

DimensionMan posted 4 years, 3 months ago to DoA5 - Kasumi - Angel outfit

Hi Metssfm. I found the following issue with the lower lip if you have time and wish to check it out. As shown in the provided image, the middle lip bone transforms weirdly compared to the left and right lip bones when moved along the z-axis. This is not experienced in the upper lip. The sample image is obviously exaggerated, however even with slight movements the lower lip experiences an angled edge at the middle of the lip. If you play with it a bit you'll hopefully see what I mean. Hope this is an easy thing to solve but either way nicely made model dude! ![enter image description here](http://i.imgur.com/7cQpk9q.jpg "enter image title here")

DimensionMan posted 4 years, 3 months ago to DoA5 - Kasumi - Angel outfit

Hi Aardvark. Found another minor issue to fix if you have the time and are willing to check it out. There's an issue where there's rogue polygons from what looks like the teeth that are attached to the tongue. ![Rogue polygons strike again](http://i.imgur.com/lUl4SE7.jpg "Rogue polygons strike again")