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Eorzia Monster Expansion Pack (FFXIV)

Odin and Sleipnir (FFXIV)

Merlwyb (FFXIV)

Coeurl (FFXIV)

Eorzea Monster Pack (FFXIV)

Sahagin Prop Pack (FFXIV)

Ixali Prop Pack (FFXIV)

Ixali Beastmen (FFXIV)

Halicarnassus (FFXIV)

Sahagin Beastmen (FFXIV)

True Wolves of Skyrim Port

Amalj'aa Beastmen (FFXIV)

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@Nicobay - if you find any that aren't ported to SFM yet, shoot me a message and I can see if I can include them here.

ohgodzilla posted 2 years, 11 months ago to Monster-Wangs


I included the source files. Check the download

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 4 months ago to Monster-Wangs


@killking403 - Try messing around with $phongexponent too. @reaper72 - Pretty sure I've only ever included one. @Fastmax - Skyrim modders that I mention up in the description. I don't know where they got the models, if they made them themselves or pulled them from somewhere else sorry.

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 9 months ago to Monster-Wangs


Clawbriar - Hey, you can either add " $selfillum 1 " to the zantetsuken.vmt in the materials folder for odin, or just use lights to imitate it. I didn't use selfillum by default since it doesn't always look good imo.

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 11 months ago to Odin and Sleipnir (FFXIV)


Rayko - hey, thanks for the bug report! Just a friendly tip, but try not to be a stuck up cunt next time though :^)

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 11 months ago to Odin and Sleipnir (FFXIV)


I'm so fucking hard right now.

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 12 months ago to Skydome [32 skins]


Sedyin - no prob

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 12 months ago to Merlwyb (FFXIV)


@DevilsCry - No prob yo

ohgodzilla posted 4 years ago to Coeurl (FFXIV)


Pretty sure those are already available for SFM. They're just hosted on digitalero. Yeah, something bulky but humanoid would be good. My mesh modding skills are probably up to it, but I can't texture worth shit, so I probably won't be the one making it.

ohgodzilla posted 4 years ago to Monster-Wangs


Probably easiest to just open the texture in Photoshop and match it to your model's. Also make sure your vmt files are similar / the same.