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Requires: Requires: Source Filmmaker, a Daz based human model from Lord Aardvark, and pony models to headhack with.

After a few months of working on this pack, here it is - Red's Daz Texture Pack. The Daz models by Lord Aardvark have been becoming more popular as of late, and it is my hope that with this pack they can become more accessible to those who would like to get into anthro pony SFMing and to existing Pony SFMer's looking for new human models for some variety.

See more previews on Derpibooru

Want to see these textures in action? Check out Phantim's Anthro SFM art.

For a full list of ponies supported by the pack: Click Here

How To Use: Check out the readme image guides included with each download.


Main Pack:

Basic - Just default (pony outline color) textures only. (Requires 2.92 GB space to install) - The pack here on SFMLab

Variants - All of the variant/alternative color textures only, includes color changing nails/genitals/pony mouth/horn textures. (Requires 9.68 GB space to install)

Full - The full monty. The entire texture pack in all its glory. (Requires 12.5 GB space to install)

Note: Every version of the pack includes some necessary textures. If asked to override if upgrading or downgrading between the versions, you should be able to say yes to all without issue.

Update Packs:

(New packs of ponies will be posted here)

Optional Packs:

Changelings - Pack Preview - Adds custom changeling textures for the horse genitals models (both male and female) the SFM community has along with alternative default textures for Changelings and Chrysalis. (Requires 88.5 MB space to install)

Source Files:

Anthro Templates - Just the PSD templates needed to make new anthro and regular ponies. (132 MB of templates and files)

Full Pony Files - The full monty of sources, all the finished templates for every pony I've made along with their PNGs/TGA files and the cutie marks used in making this pack. With this you can adjust the mark on a specific pony or change their colors without needing to remake them from scratch. (4.12 GB of templates and files)


Q: Muh Hard Drive Space, pls give some back.

A: This pack is massive with the full version. Over 1,400 textures coming in at over 12 GB with all the variants and options. If space is limited, try a different version of the pack or selectively extract the textures you'd like to use.

I do not expect or suggest you keep everything. Many people will go through and find colors they like and then just use those. I would suggest that once you do find a texture combo you like for a pony, delete the other textures you're not going to use to save space. You can always reinstall them :)

Q: This texture pack is huge! Why so many textures and why are they so big?

A: I've always been a big supporter of giving people choices. One of the main ideas behind the development of this pack was to give people the ability to have choices/variety/alternatives for various ponies. Not everyone likes the default color schemes, and/or are looking for a way to set themselves apart from the crowd. This pack gives you those options. As for why are the textures so big, they've been made to match the resolutions of the textures I found when first starting the pack (generally 4096x4096). Efforts have been made to reduce the size as much as possible (removing mipmaps, and using other VTF flags).

Q: I don't like the color alternatives you made and/or I don't like your Cutie Mark choices.

A: I know even with all the variants, this pack will not be able to please everyone. That is why I'm releasing the Source PSDs as well, so that you can create your own color versions / make your OCs / make new ponies. I also know some of the cutie mark choices (especially on ponies that don't have official marks) may not sit well with some. You are welcome to use the Source PSDs and change the marks to whatever you'd like.

Q: The Cutie Marks look terrible when put on X model. Pls fix.

A: Unfortunately, Cutie Marks will never look perfect with a pack such as this. This pack aims to be compatible with many (over 20+) Daz based SFM models which can have different UV mappings for the hip area. Cutie Marks have been generally placed to look good on Lord Aardvark's Elizabeth or Honoka. They can and will look different from model to model, but should still be quite usable. If a mark looks particularly bad to you, you can grab the Source PSDs and try adjusting the mark for the model you'd like to use it on.

Q: Why are only the genitals color changeable on most textures? Why not nipples as well? Wouldn't that save a ton of textures/space?

A: Yes. Blame SFM.

Long A: Many days of R&D fighting with SFM's refusal to play nice with overlaying color via alpha channels over a textured background have resulted in giving up on that idea. Changelings are the exception to this as the ring that's created around the nipples when you overlay some colors isn't as visible with their dark body color. That said, if anyone knows or would like to try to fix the problem you are more than welcome to give it a go. Contact me and we can talk shop.

Q: Why didn't you do up manes/tails with show accurate colors too?

A: That is a whole new project, one of which I am not eager to start. It also adds more textures and more overrides you would have to do for each pony. That said, if someone would like to tackle that contact me and we can talk shop.

Q: Why release your sources? Why not keep them to yourself?

A: The sources made for this pack benefit the community much more to release than hold back. They've been designed from the start to be as easy to use as possible with the idea that they could be made public. The pony templates alone make creating new pony OCs a breeze. The anthro templates also give you a very good starting point for making your own anthro OCs or adjusting an existing character to your taste.

Q: Do I have to credit you if I use these textures / make new ponies with the sources?

A: You don't have to credit me, though you can if you'd like. All I ask is that if you like the pack, that you share a link to it if you know of others who might be interested in it.

Major Thanks To:

Legoguy9875 for creating the first Daz texture pack and his changeling model. He showed that other models could be viable for anthro ponies, and inspired this pack greatly.

Lord Aardvark for creating the Daz SFM models and textures for which this this pack is based on.

The MLP Vector Club on DA. Without them, the pack would not have as close to show accurate colors as SFM will allow. Their color guides were an immense help in getting more accurate colors, and creating alternative color sets for ponies.

All of the amazing Cutie Mark vector artists on DA and Derpi whose Cutie Marks make up the foundation for this pack. You guys have made this pack worth making, and I thank each and every one of you for your efforts vectoring those marks.

The content creators that have made the various pony models, textures, and resources that further make up the foundation of this pack. Without you guys Pony SFM wouldn't be where it is today. Specifically: GLEBOSS, Shutdp, sidsayonara, Poninnahka, Juicedane, FillerArtist, DazzioN, Sindroom, STANN-co, Chiramii-chan, Shir0qq, Apimpnc, BeardedDoomGuy, and AeridicCore

PureNexus for working with me on the pack, developing various elements of the source templates and creating/testing many of the resources included in the pack.

Phantim for creating many of the promotional images featured in this post. Also for being a primary tester for the pack, giving feedback and showcasing the textures in his work.

Acegikmo for figuring out how to tintfix textures and reduce the greentint effect DXT compression forces onto your textures. You sir, have my eternal thanks for that discovery. Without this technique, the colors would be no where near as close to show accurate as they are.


SFMLab is a free service. However, it costs about $0.03 to deliver you a 1GB file. With over 20TB of traffic every month and growing, SFMLab needs your help. If only 1% of our users each gave us $5 for a single month, we could keep the site running for several years.

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