NieR:Automata Weapon Pack 1

NieR:Automata Weapon Pack 1
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NieR:Automata Weapon Pack 1


Much requested ever since the first models from Nier:Automata went up, here's a bunch of weapons from the game. Original meshes and textures. Let's see, we got katanas, swords that are bigger than a person, fist weapons and... a missile? Remember you can change each weapon's size with a scale control if you want to go even more anime.     Credits: PlatinumGames Inc. - Original Models JawSFM[] - Extract&Port     Includes: JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_cruel_blood_oath.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_cruel_oath.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_faith.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_iron_will.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_missile.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_phoenix_lance.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_stick.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_type_3.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_type_4o_fists.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_type_4o_lance.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_type_4o_large.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_type_4o_small.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_virtuous_contract.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_virtuous_treaty.mdl JawSFM\Nier Automata\Props\nier_weapons_yorha_issue_small.mdl

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