Bianca (Spyro: Reignited)

Bianca (Spyro: Reignited)
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Bianca (Spyro: Reignited)


I warned you already. This place isn't safe for small dragons and... pussycats. - Bianca

This one was a bit of a tough nut. Really wanted to have game animations as well as riggability, so in the end I hat to make 2 separate versions each. Check out the animation showcase.


  • original rig
  • includes ingame animation sequences
  • bone eyeposing


  • rig_biped_simple compatible (activate "show hidden cotnrols"!)
  • facial expressions as loadable sequences
  • valve viewtarget eyeposing

load the animations/faces first before animating/posing the rest both come with fake PBR materials hoodie variant has 2 skins


  • Toys For Bob, Iron Galaxy, Insomniac Games (Developers) / Fucking Activision® (Publisher)
  • Extract/Port: JawSFM

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  Spyro_Bianca_V1.0.rar  6562019-09-26 21:55:0514.68 MB
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