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Rwby: Summer Rose

 Large preview image for Rwby: Summer Rose

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 Large preview image for Rwby: Summer Rose

 Large preview image for Rwby: Summer Rose


Super Mom is here!

This model is an edit of volume 4 Ruby. Thanks to Rooster Teeth for cheaping out on her design lol. This file has three different models, Summer and two different capes.

To connect the two just lock the spine, neck and head to the cape model and zero those parts.

The hoods on and off are bodygroups, the sliders are for when the hoods are on.

Rig works with

Credit to Hair parts is made by Ni-chyP AND TDA the rest to Rosewicktrash naruchan101 J&J

Happy Mother's day!

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66 2020-03-11 19.34 MB
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