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Ultraman Cosmos
Ultraman Cosmos
Ultraman Cosmos



Now here's something I've had on the backburner for awhile. Introducing Ultraman Cosmos, one of the most polarizing Ultramen in the history of the franchise.

Unlike many of his other fellow heros, Cosmos is not your typical Ultraman, who mostly uses defensive and purifying abilities to tame kaiju and befriend them, in contrast to his other fellow ultramen who use lethal force to handle kaiju problems.

Cosmos's fighting style revolves around using Crane Style martial arts to wear his foe down before using his Luna Mode's purifying abilties to cleanse, heal, and pacify his foe.

It's said not even the mighty Godzilla could defeat Cosmos as cosmos would probably reduce him to a big lovable puppy if he even tried to fight him.

However, when facing a foe where Luna Mode isn't enough, Cosmos can switch into his more battle oriented Corona Mode, which was later replaced by Eclipse Mode.

As always my models come in four sizes and have skins to switch between the color timers. And yes it's gmod compatible, don't ask for playermodels.

Credit to RTB who helped me gain the Luna Mode Cosmos since he never realized he was missing that model from his initial rips.

That's all for now

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